Hi guys, I have an offer here that a everyone here should be interested in.

So I'm starting up my own mix / mastering business, and I'm looking to offer everybody one free master whilst I put together my website.

What you get: One of your tracks mastered to commercial quality completely for free, and if you're music is good, free promotion through my website.

What I get: Practice and experience, and your permission to potentially use a short preview of your song with full credit/attribution on my website as an A/B example, hence the free promotion.

What you need to do: Get in contact with me through email at
michael.christie5@hotmail.co.uk, and send a link to your .wav file (24bit / 44.1kHz minimum) with no master bus compression / limiting, and peaks between -6dB and -3dB.

Here is a link to some of my work - I hope to hear from you soon!