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Thread: [F4F] Tantas Rosas (R&B/Reggaetón Fusion)

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    Cool [F4F] Tantas Rosas (R&B/Reggaetón Fusion)

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    What's up FP fam? I haven't been on this site in a long, long time. Almost a year, to be honest. School got a hold of me again, but I've been working off and on since the last time I posted here. Hope everyone else has been doing well!

    Anyways, this particular project has been in the works since... October of last year I want to say. It's by far my fave draft besides "Tratando Algo." I tried to blend the sounds of 90's R&B with some pop and Reggaetón drums. This is result !

    I still have a lot of mixing work to do, so it's best if you download the draft to get a good listen. Let me know what you think and any tips for getting the sounds to fit together, especially the poppy saw basses!


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    i listen to a lot of reggaeton, some of the newer more 'pop' stuff, but more of the stuff from the mid/early 2000's. i feel like the drums could pop more, maybe raise the volume and compress them. i like how you didnt have the dembow pattern going throughout the whole track, the change up of drums is nice. i really like the instruments and melodies you composed though, really nice uplifting vibes. i can still see some of the newer reggaeton dudes jumping on this. nice work man
    super hype dark trap f4f check this out man!!

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    diggin this man got a unique style on the pianos everything flows well together good arrangement..if anything i would suggest throwing some vocal chops or vocals just to bring it to the next level..great job on this though

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    Definitely a unique sounding song. I think the drums could stand out more in the mix. So they can really drive the groove of the beat. I like all the layers you have pieced together. Sounds very full.

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    This is dope ! I really mess with the overall vibe and that piano is wavy. The drums could def stand out a little more though, other than that this is really good. Keep it up man and thanks for the feedback.

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    Love the variation of this track. Has a refreshing "pop" feel. The Piano work was well done. Left feedback on SoundCloud

    Can you leave me feedback on SoundCloud as well? Let me know what you think of this track:
    Feedback for Feedback 100% Guaranteed - Futuristic Experimental Hip Hop

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    Hi, returning feedback:
    mixing sounds good, at least to my noob-producer ears, only the drums could use maybe a bit more compression to get to the foreground, as already mentioned above

    Musically it's really nice, with enough variations and an interesting beat.. overall a great chill tune, maybe even too chill for me (Im addicted to overcompressed EDM )

    good luck with future production

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    Hey, overall i think the song has a great flow to it and i like the sounds you're using! allthough i think that the drums could maybe be a little more rythmic, if that makes any sense haha i usually never listen to reagaeton but this gives me a very chilled out vibe. i like it man !

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    I love the arrangement, piano and more subtle synth parts. There's a couple synth bits I don't love (mainly the part that comes in at :24). I think the biggest improvement could be in the drums though. The drum parts/patterns are great but as a lot of people have mentioned already, they don't really pop through the mix. You could try a little more processing (saturation or a little high end eq boost?) or maybe just find some different sounds. Regardless, it's technically impressive and I love that you made it all sample free as it's fairly complex. Nice work!

    Here's a link if you could return the feed, thanks!
    F4F - upbeat track w live sax
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    really nice arrangement. i could really see this ass the Background music To a Video Game. its really complex Nice Work Man

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