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Thread: Nas One Love [REMIX]

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    Nas One Love [REMIX]

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    Sup y'all I'm new here, this is my first post. Seems like a cool community for a beginning producer such as myself

    Check out this remix I did of Nas' One Love and let me know what you think of it. Post your link too and I'll give it a listen aswell.

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    I like the oldschool flavor on it, I think bass is your strongest point. It's hard to give feedback for the very first beats as you probably know what's wrong when listening to commercial releases. You def feel what's up and if you keep pushing production and general flow will improve. I'd just give a general advice to start listening critically. As you listen to music try to write down what instrument are play when etc., try to really develop your ear this way. I personally was waiting with this for too long but it helps tremendously. However, if you've got a specific question (how can I make the kick punch through? why does the snare sound this way? etc,) or something let me know and I'll try to help. Have fun man!

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    The composition as itself is nice, it harmonises well with the rapping. Though some more instruments in the Hook to make it more memorable or banging misses in my opinion.
    The lower frequencies are done nicely, but I personally miss some more sharpness in the high frequencies.
    Drums are ok, I personally prefer bigger acoustic ones, but that's just my different taste.
    Overall you maybe should do some more compressing on master as it sounds a bit thin. And also you should get it a little bit louder.

    But my first beat wasn't on this level, so keep improving.
    I hope I could give some helpful feedback.

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    Dope Remix! Has that dope old school vibe but also has modern vibes to it as well cant wait to hear more from you!
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    This is a dope remix I'm really feeling this one as Nas is my fav Hip-Hop artist so its nice to hear a remix of one of his tracks but onto your track now. I think the beat is really good flows with the vocals very well mix is clean each instrument can be heard clearly, the track is dynamic, and the stuttering of the vox at the end of the track was very cool. Only things I would say to improve on is you could make the track a lil louder but thats preference some people like their tracks loud some don't (btw making a track louder doesn't mean its better quality people just think that nowadays) and probs add a few more instruments in to spice it up a lil but overall dope track.

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    Definitely had me bobbing my head to this. The flow of the track as a whole is solid and you compliment the vocals really well. I will echo a couple others that commented on your other thread of this tune in that the bassline is dope but the drum sounds could be improved a bit. Rhythmically they are fine but perhaps you could layer a couple different snares and kicks together so they sound a bit fuller and not so stock? Musically it's all there, just could use some tweaks in the timbres. Cheers!

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