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Thread: Mycelial Cords - Close With You | Future x Drake Type Beat

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    Mycelial Cords - Close With You | Future x Drake Type Beat

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    I've decided to have a go at more conventional hip-hop/trap arrangement and sound than I usually go for. Out of curiosity I've checked latest Futures album (don't really like it - beats and delivery are dope but lyrics put me off) and it started the idea. Let me know how that sounds and share your stuff!

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    Cool ideas! The production work is cool, and the vibe is really nice. It's not my strongest genre so I don't really know how the beats should sound, but this is good. I'd maybe add quicker notes over a part when the rapper pauses for a measure or two (if there is rapper haha, but that also some variety). I like it though, the vibe is really cool.
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    what I like about it is it's chill factor and the somewhat randomness of the drums. Keep it up

    would love to hear your thoughts on this track. Feedback on SoundCloud preferred
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    This is dope man. Great vibe and the mixdown sounds very professional imo. Definitely got that Future sound going on here.
    Would be nice with some bars on there!

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    This is such a quiet melody with a very nice drum pattern. That choir part is really nice. Good track.

    Would appreciate your feedback on one of my tracks.
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