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Thread: Getting started with my 1st commercial release!

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    Getting started with my 1st commercial release!

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    This is it!!!!!!! I made the beat with FL Studios, recorded with logic pro, mastered with ozone! Shot with the 5d mark ii & did the editing with fcp pro! Take a look at the new song and music video & let me know what you think. This is the #1 place for audio so your feed back means the world to me. This is the link Happs - Ace of Spade (Music Video) Motorhead "Hip Hop Remix" - YouTube Thanks

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    Interesting how you decided to combine the vocals from "Ace of Spades" into your song. I feel that to really bring out the full potential of your music, you should first:

    - Stereo-lize the production. What I mean by this is to not have most of the instruments in mono. Perhaps panning different sections of the vocals at various points could help bring more interest to the track.
    - Add reverb to your vocals. They feel a little too dry.
    - I would integrate the vocal track from "Ace of Spades" a little less than what you've done. I feel that there is too much tension between the two vocal tracks.

    It is impressive that you made a music video for your first released track, so I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.
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