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Thread: First beat, let me know what I could improve upon please!

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    First beat, let me know what I could improve upon please!

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    I've produced about 50 different loops that are decently catchy, but i went ahead and laid out an entire beat for this one. I need to improve on mixing and i dont fully understand the science behind mastering yet, but im willing to study. Looking into getting "All you need to know about the music business" by Donald Passman.

    What could I do better on this beat? What sucks? Does anything stand out? let me know!
    Also, I'm looking to learn music theory and such more in depth if people could point me in the right direction. Cheers!

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    What sucks? nothing, and nothing will ever will as long as you like it.

    For me, I feel like theres something missing on the melody, sounds like you are using a single note and not a chord which would sound better, for the rest of it, I liked what I heard.

    And maybe add some sound effects here and there so it wont be as total repetetive as it is.

    keep in mind I am also a complete beginner.
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    Constructive Criticism here... the bass kick and release is too loud for the melody to shine. Also, if you could, at 56 seconds, use some sort of hit, crash, reverse crash,to keep the energy up, the transition is good, i know i'm nitpicky.

    It's a great track for hiphop, very solemn and hard-hitting, nice work. | Sincerely, Michael K McKeon

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