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Thread: [F4F] [Dubstep] Blur (Original Mix) - Unmixed Teaser

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    Talking [F4F] [Dubstep] Blur (Original Mix) - Unmixed Teaser

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    I know nothing about Dupstep. I think the lead synth is distorting a little bit too much, normally for dupstep the lead synth does carry the majority of the track but its usually very clean crisp. Other than that nice work I really liked the arrangement of this the breakdowns and the change ups. Your work has a lot of detail you can tell. My criticism was more towards the mix, I think musically and the amount of editing that went into this is great! Keep it up man!!

    Can you check me out when you get the chance.

    Lofi hip hop - Inspired by Full Metal Alchemist brotherhood - F4F

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