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Thread: 50 cent type beat - Get Money B F4F

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    50 cent type beat - Get Money B F4F

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    whats good just made this 50 cent type beat let me know what ya think leave links ill hit you back thanks

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    First of all, its definently a 50 record, could hear him doing a typical 50 cent chorus on this. I like the sampled guitar, sounds tight. New York shit right here
    I also like the filtered breaks you got going on. Its all clean bro. I would maybe have bass boosted the lower Hz on the bass. Not much to say, very simplistic and gritty like a New York beat should be. What kind of plugins do you add to your master?
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    This beat was tight, man 5/5 from me.

    The mix was perfect and the drums hit hard and matched well with the sample. Tbh, I can't think of anything that I would want to improve on it. I disagree with homie above me...I think the bass was fine as is.

    Really good work.

    Here's a link to my latest beat: Logic/J. Cole type beat.

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    This is straight fire bro! I could hear 50 murdering this! This is a solid mix and I like the sample that you used on this. I'm suprised it doesnt have that many views yet. The drums really pop out on this! Keep grinding fam! I left you a comment, like, and subscribe on your YouTube profile. Return the feed?
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    Haha damn i like this one.. those drums are tight.. rly dope.
    You have a lot of beats on your channel , how long have u been producing?

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