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Thread: This is a song. It has a sine wave.

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    This is a song. It has a sine wave.

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    Hi. Give whatever kind of feedback you want. Anybody ever notice a difference between getting feedback and not getting feedback? Do you think getting it makes you more likely to care about what you are pursuing?

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    I definitely think getting feedback makes you push harder in your pursuit. It either validates what you're doing or motivates you to try something new in the pursuit of something better.

    That was interesting. Lots of things going on that seemed to sound pretty distinct in my poor listening environment. There's a few molecules I like that'd make it more interesting along with better speakers. Cheers

    Made with a 10 year old lap top and earbuds. Any and all feedback appreciated

    {Bass/Glitch} At this Point - anyone but me think it's any good?

    Bass heavy

    Jam kind of, glitch/distortion/delay/old movie dialogue/sax and horn samples

    Trip-hop attempt

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    Very very nice. There's a lot of potential in this track, you could definitely make it longer. I love the synth melody, it reminds me of the melodic Aphex Twin, and how the other sound comes in.

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