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Thread: Working on a house track [F4F]

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    Working on a house track [F4F]

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    im currently working on a new house track.

    I want to hear what you guys think of it..

    Feedback for feedback.

    MM by Mitso | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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    My biggest advice for the track is about sound selection. The drop and breaks are both well mixed and the melody and percussion all sit well (although I would make the hi hats a little louder - future house can really benefit from crisp hats a la Tchami).

    Future house is called future because of the types of sounds selected; it is quite difficult to pull off using organics in the genre like electro would use (a la KSHMR). The only exception I can think of is this song: Pep & Rash - Red Roses (Original Mix) by Spinnin' Records | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    I'd recommend staying away from that flute lead in the break. Maybe go for a more curbi style break beat with an emphasis on percussion and a vocal sample? Actually a vocal chop doing the drop melody might sound really good over the chords! It would also make the transition to the drop synth (good job filtering it in like that) smoother.

    Great idea for a track though, might be a little generic (which might be why you used the flute LOL) but you're on the right track.


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