Heeey, my guys and hopefully a few girls too.
I just (and by just I mean a month ago) finished my first EDM Collab. EP.

The tracks I've made I actually don't dislike as much as like all of the other ones I've produced so far.

And so the EP came alive, it became a thing and now what do you think we should do?

We've made an account on bandcamp and YT as a Record tin which we can upload all diferent kinds of EPs with different genres and such under different names but with the same two producers.
The thing is that, despite me having a slight success on my account dedicated to covers, I have no idea on how to bring people to this new thing I've made.

It's EDM, not Symphonic Jazz with Rap and Screamo Vocals, I should not have such an hard time sponsoring it.<br>We still have to get accounts opened on different social medias because of the lack of knowledge on what to do once we've made those accounts.

I'd gladly appreciate any help and thoughts on this regard.

(Also yeah i'm new hai :d)

The name of our edm band duo thing is Background Noises, the EP is called Vibrations.

In case any of you wanted to know what this thread was talking about.

I actually do not even know if this is the right section to be posting this thread on but please pardon such a poor soul if I happened to have made a mistake c:

Well I guess I could be asking for opinions on the EP to make this thread on the correct section

Sooo, how's the EP in your Opinion? *winkwink*

All jokes aside, thanks for any help, guys. c: