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Thread: chill dnb (F4F)

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    chill dnb (F4F)

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    any thoughts on mix or arrangement or anything?

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    nice chill mix man. tail form the snare is a little to long imo.
    bass and kick could be fatter.
    the ambient style of the break are great . real chill!

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    i like the intro with the environment / rain sounding in the backround

    it evokes emotions early which is what people connect to which is good.
    the synths come in great- nice sound selection. i think the drums r just a touch to loud. the vocal sample is cool
    not much to complain about i enjoyed it and would listen to again
    reminds me of CARIBOU which is a good thing
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    It's the first time I listen to a chill db song and I really like it tbh.

    Nice work on the reverb and the stereo separation.

    I think the last chorus could be a bit different than the first one. It's a little bit underwhelming because you expect the "big wow" at the end. I would like to hear a new lead or a new element, or some drums variation.

    I liked it though, nice song

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