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Thread: sampling with hardware

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    sampling with hardware

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    Hello all,

    im a owner from an eps classic, and i played with it for some days now. But there are still some questions that i have, how do you guys sample? i sample thru the aux send from my mixer cause this is an mono send so i get the sample material in mono for the eps. Is this ok or are any problems doing it this way?

    I mainly choppe samples into the eps, it worked but not allways the best results as far as quality and usability of the samples. i tried different sample frequencies and have a hard time to get the samples from the eps sound homogenic with samples from fxpansion geist or with my yamaha tx 16 w. Do you sample all the stuff in the same machine to get an homogenic overall sound?

    Do you have any outboard gear or effects in the chain before you go into the eps?

    Do you equalize before or after the eps? And if you want to make an instrument from one sound that is relative short, how do you do that. Espacially with the problem that the sound if played in higher octaves get very short... do you copy and timestretch the sound to different semitones, before sampling to the eps?

    Share your working routines with this beauty.
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    I got uh MPC. All your questions are rly personal preference. I sample everything clean, I used to do alota shit before hand, but I stopped doin all that. Not sure what all the EPS can do, but I'm guessin the MPC has more control over the sample.

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    i always sample everything clean.... mangle and manipulate later.
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    Mpc 2500. Sample out of my technic and vestax . 45 rpm +8 . Pitch down in the mpc

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    Sample clean eq later

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