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Thread: Sample based producers

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    I would not suggest using FL for sampling. I used it for a long time for that purpose and found it limiting, especially once I started using Ableton Live. Live is much more intuitive in terms of sampling, does a lot of stuff to save time as opposed to FL, and in general I prefer it for a lot of other reasons too.

    As for records, like everyone else said get 'em anywhere you can. Thrift shops, record stores, peoples basements, etc. Some of the best records I've found for sampling from are ones I grabbed for $3 cause they had a cool name.
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    I use fl10 too and i've doing okay with it. I would recommend getting a controller to give you more of a hands on feel. Its nothing like mashin out on a mpc or something similar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aardvark Burns View Post
    If you're looking into sampling records FL is not your best option, look into an SP 303, 404 etc..
    WTF are you talking about? You can use FL Studio and still make great sample based music. Its not the tool, its the creator. OP, if you want to get some info, read up on how to make beats in the beattips manual (BeatTips Store: Beatmaking, Making Beats, Hip Hop Production, Hip Hop/Rap Music, Recording Music, Home Recording, Music Education, Music Business, and Music History:) and watch youtube videos about the ins and outs of Fl Studio. There is an FL Studio Bible that can help too. Dont let people tell you what you dont and do need.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aardvark Burns View Post
    If you're looking into sampling records FL is not your best option, look into an SP 303, 404 etc..
    i agree, but i'd go for a 404, 505, 555

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    you must be crazy.
    FL is the greatest/fastest/easiest tool there is for sampling.

    Use Edison to record your samples. Than drag it into Slicex and start chopping. and sequence it
    Throw your drums in the FPC by browsing through your library on the left.
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    Whatever you feel comfortable with, use it. I use Edison and Adobe Audition.

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    wow at this thread. There's no other software or HARDWARE focused on beat creation I can think of other than Ableton Live(which I only give credit because I haven't used it in depth)that gives as much focus to functionality with manipulation of audio clips as FL.

    Sounds like a bold statement, but very true. Timestretch with the snap of a finger, EDISON, Beatslicers, FPC, Step Sequencer, Audio Clips and all the functions within like filters, cutoff, asdhr, lfo, pitch...nothing puts it all right in front of you with simple knob functionality like FL.

    Best is a subjective statement. I'm not saying FL is the best for sampling, i'm just saying it's far beyond other options mentioned in this thread.
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    or get an mpc or maschine, something with sampling abilities, and a daw. I started off with FL , I found it too be too much of a headache using stepediting.

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    get rid of fl 10 and get yourself cubase or logic and a secent drum machine mpc n.i maschine or even korg kaos pad

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    I use to cop records from my local goodwill.

    but i had to sell my technics (hard times) so these days youtube suffices. the related/recommended videos actually come in pretty handy tho when diggin for samples.

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