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Thread: How do producers that sample get paid?

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    How do producers that sample get paid?

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    Until a producer is on a major label,there's nothing to worry about whatsoever when it comes to sample clearance.if one happens to end up being one of the very few w beats on a major,there's steps to be taken if a recognizable sample needs to be cleared..but for real,u got mad beat makers on independent hip hop using strictly samples that make very,very good livings.again,its really nothing to worry about.

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    ^^ Agreed.
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    Yeah, nothing to worry about, until you get caught. Law is law no way around it, if you make some type of value off anything that does not belong to you, you can be sued..
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    Rek1 pretty much laid it out. I will add to it by saying that a lot of sampling producers get paid up-front and obviously forfeit the publishing to whoever owns it. You can't charge the same amount you would for an original that you own the rights to, but you can still charge for the beat and the work you did. That said, get publishing (ASCAP, BMI etc)....especially for those unrecognizable chopped up sample beats.

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