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Thread: Help Needed with Sample

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    Help Needed with Sample

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    wassup peoples. need some insight on this sample i'm working with.
    got a great sample with some good instruments but there is this kick thats really annoying in the track. i tried filtering it but it the kick has some hi-end freqs thats in the way. i also tried doing a M/S thing but thats not getting it. any ideas?

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    you cant just wipe that kick off the sample... and eq filtering wont work. i'd leave it there or manually lower the volume where the kick is. (ive done this many times. usually works great when you have your own drums over the sample.)
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    Depending how often the kick comes in, you can chop right after the kick.

    Personally, I would probably chop on the kick, filter a bit, and raise the attack % pretty high. Again, if the kick comes more often than just the 1's and 3's, it might not be possible/worthwhile.

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