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Thread: Have we become that lazy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhythmgj View Post
    They're not all on YouTube yet, but they're all on Wikipedia.

    i have some stuff not on either. there is lots of stuff not on youtube or wiki when you start digging really deep.

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    This thread has my tinternetz blessingz.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pumppuhaulikkomies View Post
    well, i work two jobs, and i've been repairing my house for last time is an issue for me. also, i have to drive 25 kilometres if i wanna check the nearest digging spot.

    but i kinda do understand what you mean.
    Word. I hope no one took this as me bashing e-digging, while i don't do it i wouldn't tell anyone not too. Technology just molds society's way of life. It makes it easy, i get that. But that's the point, it's so easy i never understood how anyone could just beg for so much. I'm just waiting for the "want to make beats for me?" posts

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    As far as e-digging goes, no one is saying "Not" to do it but at least give yourself the oppurtunity to go digging at least once in your life. I'm in it more for discovering some great music and when I hear something sample-worthy I'll research the artist and hit discogs or ebay. Then I'll create a list of albums I want when I go out digging. Funny story...I added an album called Burchfield 9's by Michael Franks to my list and sure enough while out digging the dollar bins guess what I find... YEP! lol. The feeling was awesome. And that's why I love digging. For that feeling.
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    Well what did you expect
    people want to get what they want the easiest way possible

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    Nice thread that I stumbled upon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flying Guillotine View Post
    I'm just waiting for the "want to make beats for me?" posts
    You missed them?

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    I'm new & I've haven't even done any real digging yet. but yes that seems very lazy.. & I think kinda defeats the purpose of sampling..where's the fun in asking someone what you should sample? to me digging (the little bit I've done) is the best part music is endless.. there are golden samples evvvvveerrrryyywhhheeerreee... & if you feel the need to ask other people what you should sample or where to look or whatever...your hearts not in it. = /

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    Diggin itself is fun and not hard at all.
    i went to flea markets and took like 100 records at a time for about $20.
    the really hard part is cleaning all the records when you bought them. and glueing the covers back together and shit. who agree's?
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    digging for vinyl is the best passtime for me. How could you not want to look for vinyl? You get a warm sound, learn more about artists you wouldn't have heard of otherwise. It's like homework for me. It's great.
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