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Thread: I wanna start to sample drums

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    It can be done both ways, with the lowpass you get a really low (duh. :P) bump but with a highpass the kick still sort of remains I guess.. I don't really know how to explain it. Just try it and you will hear the difference.

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    I use my standard Compression + EQ that i always use on my drums but than add an extra Free Filter (FL Studio) on each mixerchannel. Free Filter is a Low-Pass, Band-Pass & Hi-Pass Filter all in 1.
    make a preset for your kick/snare/hi-hat/percussion with it and you should route them through those mixerchannels and re-record the chops 1 by 1.
    So Re-Sample it with the FX on it in Edison on "Record On Play". Than cut off the silence at the end of the recording. (i think you can do "Trim Noise" in Edison) And do "Declick Out" on the sample in Edison. (Not "Declick In" of course cause that will take away the punch out of the drums)

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