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Thread: Emulating physical crate digging?

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    try pandora.. with a lil curiosity it can set u down an interesting, unexpected path.. if u an artist or song u like, search for it online

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    ok lets be clear there is nothing random about e diggin hahaha its like going to a whore house to find a virgin guess what they're all whores !!! LOL nothing is like getting your hands dirty as that is still a main part of the culture that will never fade no matter what some folks might say. this is hip hop and yes we use any and everything but there has to be some sort of unwritten rules I mean we dont tend to call it biting anymore when someone cops your style or swag as its called today but some things never change.To the OP if your peopole dont like what you do maybe you can find a mentor that can act as a go between you and your parents some one that can explain that doing music production or being a dj is not the worst thing that a 14teen year old could be doing and perhaps with a little more encouragement you might be able to become good at it given the chance.There is still gold in them dar hills but you have to have the right equipment in order to mine it peoperly.Im not sure where you're from but there should be some places that are local enough that you can get to if you have friends that drive. just remember what mike said " EVERYBODY LOVES A STAR WHEN HE'S ON THE TOP" but what ever you do make music and have fun... need support PM me always willing to help...
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    Hiphop in my blood breaking beats in my veins i take this more serious than just a game!!! MRC... beat digger for life....

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    if you can't go digging and you want to search for random songs to sample, then i think you should spend your time on youtube. you just need to find the right channels

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