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Thread: any advice would be mostly appreciated

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    In my opinion
    - Forget for a moment how Preemo, Pete Rock, etc. sound. It's important to use them as references, but you've to build your own sound.
    - However, i listened many amateur productions which are better than some professional ones. The most important thing is the taste in my opinion
    - Study all you can about audio production as KonKossKang said and the mixing foundamentals. It's important to master the low frequency.
    - Diggin for good quality sample.
    - Listen a lot of unconventional music.
    - Don't give up.

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    I think it's a production issue. As an audio engineer of 15+years and an ex-instructor of advanced recording, your mix is what is lagging. If you are using sample kits, find better ones. listen to what kick fits with a certain bassline and so on. Think in terms of keys even when it comes to the drum samples. If the bass is in the key of E flat, certain kick samples will fit with it better than others. same goes for all of the other elements of the kit. hi hats, closed and open will fit different with certain brass instruments and so on. Try key mapping your kit elements so that you can fit them in to a certain key. you're on the right track and have good ideas though. Keep hackin

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