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Thread: Normalizing vs. Wave Hammer in Soundforge

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    Normalizing vs. Wave Hammer in Soundforge

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    I have my songs Eq'd and mixed at a good volume and am ready to take them to Soundforge for final touches.

    What will give me a better sound Normalizing or Wave Hammer?

    Also whichever you choose, can you offer any more tips on it?

    Thanks for your help!
    ...::don't sleep::...

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    Peak normalizing will simply analyse your track and boost the loudest peak to 0dB. In reality this makes almost no difference to how loud your track actually sounds, assuming it's fairly well mixed to begin with.

    The WaveHammer uses a 2 stage process. The 1st stage is the compressor which allows you to compress and flatten the biggest peaks in your track and create a more average volume level. The 2nd stage is there to maximise and raise the volume of the now flattened track.

    Using the WaveHammer will allow you to make your tracks audibly LOUDER and gives you greater control than simply using Peak Normalization.

    Hope that helps.


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    if you can get your hands on some new plugz, then check out Izotope Ozone 3. very good for the overall mastering process, including getting the sound to a good level.

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    90% of mastering engineers say you should NEVER normalize.

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