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Thread: how to turn male voice into female voice.

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    how to turn male voice into female voice.

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    How can i turn a male voice into a female voice and not make it sound so chimpmunk but realistic.

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    Make the guy get a sex change and lots of hormone treatment.

    Being serious, there's no magic plugin for this. Look up "formants" and "plugin" to get some ideas. Even then, you probably won't get the results you probably want.
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    Just... Don't attempt it.
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    doesn't waves have a plugin that can somewhat do this? I swear I've seen it before

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    remove testicles (if any)
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    its possible,, Paris Jones did it With his song just take EQing, and alot of tweaking....lits hard tho

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    Raise the pitch, EQ it and pray.

    It'll probably sound like a little boy though.... which in the right context can sound girlish.

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    When was the last time any of you eq'd and thought to yourself "oh, crap. I just made this guy sound like a girl"? Point is, eq has very little to do with it.

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    You cant turn one into another but you can slightly mimic the opposite. The female voice is already an octave higher than its male counterpart plus you have various tonal qualities that will tell your hear which is which. Modifying the vocal then bringing it into the mix can fool some people but would rarely fool someone with a music background. However, those arent the people you are marketing to. Slight pitch changes, the proper use of formant and the correctly placement might fool a few. Doest it really need to fool anyone? Why not just get the person you need. If it need to be a girl then get a girl to do the part. If its suppose to be a guy trying to sound like a girl then you should be able to pull that off easily. I recently did a session where I pretended to be a black guy pretending to be a white. That worked.
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