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Thread: how to mix double/stack???

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    how to mix double/stack???

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    how do mix a stack/double? normally i give it the same effects as the main vocals, but if the main has reverb i don't put it on the stack.

    with the stack i turn it down just enough so that you don't hear it with the beat playing. otherwise it would sound like 2 voices at once.

    after i get the get the mixing where i want it i hear no difference in the stack. i feel like i barely hear it and it has no effect.

    am i doing something wrong?

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    I normally do the same thing to the double/stack in terms of effects/inserts including far as volume is concerned I spread them apart by 3 to 6 dB...

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    First you want to Make sure your main vocal and stacks are all in tune and that your stacks are in time with the main vocal. Clean up any breathes, sibilance and plosives on the stacks also.

    Then balance out the stacks both in level and in pan and use low cut eq on the stacks. For example, if you have a main vocal and 2 stacked vocals. Keep the main vocal in the center of your mix and turn the two stacked vocals slightly down in level from the main. Then pan to taste and low cut eq the two stacks so non of the low end from the stacked vocals get in the way of the main. Electronic Music Production, Remixing, Mixing & Mastering Services.

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