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Thread: Are you mixing your own beats?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.nRage View Post

    personally I like to mix and master all of my beats myself...mainly cause I got a clear vision of what it should sound like. But in generell theres nothing wrong with hiring ppl. for engineering. Some ppl. even say its bad to mix your own material, cause of emotional attachment, ear fatique and such. I never paid great attention to such dogmas (I even "master" my beats in the same project which is a no-go for most producers). Do whatever fits you best. It takes a lot of time to learn what makes and breaks a mix. I do this for several years now and theres still a lot for me to learn.
    I used to hate mixing and love composing beats, now its the other way round...well not really "hating" composing, but its less fun compared to everything else atm.
    Well Said Mr. nRage... i do the same, i create, mix and master all of my own beats, and i also do so in the same project (though i sabve a duplicate copy fr othe final production separately ).

    I'm not the greatest musician ever, but i do think i have potential, and have been told such by top producers in thehip-hop area. I have some really interesting and influential followers because i'm not a run of the mill beat maker/mix/producer. I invent new styles and don't care much about genre's, tey restrict you unless you are just the type of beat creator that knows he/she wants to do a particualr style, i mix styles all the time, and even create (sort of) new ones. | Sincerely, Michael K McKeon

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    Yes, I try to give the artist an idea on what they're getting.

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