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Thread: What have you done that took the most amount of time working on a track?

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    What have you done that took the most amount of time working on a track?

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    The reason why I ask is because my own answer confuses me. I always hear people spending so much time working on a track and I wonder what happens during the longest periods of time during the entire beginning to end of track creation..

    For me, it's the time BETWEEN working on a track. Recently, I have discovered that I appreciate what I've done the MOST when I have something to work with that I either forgot about, or did at a distant past; It's when my creations have accumulated TIME do I really find the value of what I've done because it's like there is a 'future me' leaving behind a trail... AS WELL AS HAVING TIME BETWEEN LISTENING because each new time I come back to a track I have a fresh pair of ears.

    As for the ACTUAL WORK process, I would say I spend the most time organizing and preparing everything (FX racks, samples, sends/returns etc) for the actual influx of improvisational sound design, recording, sampling which I place and structure into something from seemingly nonsensical; taking desirable parts/artifacts and collectively forming them into a song.

    The part that confuses me is how little time I actually spend on sound design (it kind of comes in a spurts of 1-4 hours) and how I take MORE time to have fresh ears IN ORDER to continue wherever I left off (I usually stop when I become lost or confused, or just generally stressed/irritable)

    How about you? C:

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    I've just recently started to check out "time spend on project" from Fl Studios project information tab and it seems the usual amount of time I spend on a track is between 4-5 hours. In real life this would be around one week, for I like to let my ears rest and keep some distance to the track I'm working on. For some beats I might return to days, weeks or even months later with completely fresh ears if the song is worth spending more time on.

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