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Thread: Question For Rappers Who Produce And Vice Versa

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    Quote Originally Posted by julesbmusic View Post
    I have a folder on my computer titled "100 Beats" where I make 100 beats of any genre i feel then i pick 10 of the best ones, write to em, record em, pick 7, then mix and master them for a project. It usually takes me about 2 and a half to 3 months to make em and a week or 2 to write, record and mix.
    Wish I was that organized, I'm still working in a folder called "Summer 2013" haha
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    dang dude it's about to be 2018 just rename it 2013-2018 lol

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    Its a hand full to put the whole spectrum of record creating on your back sometimes. You want to stay consistent with your bars, while also, staying up to date with your beats. I think learning the piano will be a a great move in the long run. Mixing, I learned helps bring your beats our more and also your vocals, so it all plays hand and hand. I would say learn the bare basics of EQ. Mainly EQ and you would be set! Composing is mainly finding a DAW/ software program friendly enough for you and expressing yourself. I know your a lyric already so thats that.
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