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    Can anyone suggest me a good microphone to start recording singing? (I have a MacBook and I use Logic Pro X)

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    You could go a couple of ways. You could use a dedicated USB microphone, or use an industry standard XLR mike with a USB adaptor.

    * I would suggest a Shure SM-58 dynamic vocal microphone (about $100), and a Shure XLR to USB adaptor (about $100). You will also need an XLR cable, a USB cable, and maybe a stand, so plan about $300-plus total cost:

    sm-58 - Recherche Google Shure X2U XLR-to-USB Signal Adapter: Musical Instruments

    * You could also go with a direct-to-USB microphone, ready-made for computer recording. That is the
    advantage; the negatives would be resale value and inability to adapt to other recording situations or
    live use. You will need the USB mike, a USB cable, and perhaps a stand. There are many choices and

    USB Microphones | Guitar Center

    * A third option would be to go with something called the Zoom H1 digital recorder. It is a stereo
    recorder that can also be used (after downloading a firmware update) as a USB mike. The advantages
    are its USB capabilities, and its field/live recording abilities. A disadvantage would be that it would not
    be adaptable to other uses and it records/tracks in stereo (you'd have to learn how to make your vocal
    track into mono, which is not really a big deal, just an extra step). The unit will cost you about $100, plus
    you'll need the accessories kit (a separate purchase), a USB cable, and a mike stand. Plan on about $150-$200 to be
    in the neighborhood...

    zoom h1 - Recherche Google
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    Just find something affordable. Most microphones will work fine, but make sure you have a pop filter.

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    Røde NT1000? Blue Spark? AKG P220? AudioTechnica AT2035? They appear to be very good options.
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