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Thread: how to compress hip-hop vocals

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    Cool how to compress hip-hop vocals

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    im new to vocal mixing and i just wanted to know how to compress vocals like where should i have the Threshold, Ratio, Attack Time, & Decay Time??? the way im using Audacity

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    It depends. Each track is different.

    What you want to do is understand what each of those parameters controls. Experiment with changing them one by one, and listen to the result.

    Then, when you are working on a vocal track, you can achieve your goal for the track as painlessly as possible.
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    try to make a good recording without compression first.

    it is pretty easy, try it until you get it.

    you can make an excellent hit record without any compressor.

    it's much easier to set a compressor when you know WHEN and WHY you need it, and HOW it works internally.

    you'll never learn the WHEN and WHY when you compress everything from the start. start with manual compression riding the faders or using volume automation, that will help you to understand the process (a compressor is nothing else than an automated gain fader).

    anyway, the HOW is all written in the manual (usually F1).

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