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Thread: Getting my 808 to sit in front and bang hard

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    Mix in mono ! add subharmonics lows (Maxxbass, Rbass, voice of god), attack on transients and sustain, reductive digital EQ, additive analog EQ, and of course compression / limiter
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    If you want your 808 to stand out more, use saturation/distortion. The waveshaper plugin is a good place to start(try presets like "quicksat" messing around with the pre-gain etc. EQ also helps a lot. More mid for punch, Subs for deepness, and adding some treble noise can help the 808 "cut through" especially in settings where speakers don't have bass. A lot of the times though volume wise, it's really the Kick that packs the real transient punch that gives the listener the illusion that the 808s are hitting hard. So, you may also want to consider using EQ/saturation/transient processing on the Kick to get that effect. Also, you can use sidechain compression to make that stand out even more(if ever necessary). Fruity Limiter has a good sidechain function, or better yet, you can manipulate fruity peak controller to function like a sidechain compressor. So you'd create a setting that slightly ducks the 808 as the Kick comes in, then recover after. Usually, this technique isn't needed though, especially if the other techniques are properly executed.

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