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Thread: Eli Sostre / Soriano Mixing And Mastering Help Please? [HIP HOP]

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    Question Eli Sostre / Soriano Mixing And Mastering Help Please? [HIP HOP]

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    Hey guys, hope you're all good, just jumping straight to the point, I've recently come across these artists and producers 'Eli Sostre' and 'Soriano' and in my opinion they're incredibly good at what they do and genuinely inspire me to create similar music, the problem is however is that I can't get my music/mixes to sound like that. There's undoubtedly a lot I need to learn about mixing and mastering and recently I've definitely picked up a lot of new skills.

    I would actually love to be at this level of mixing and so forth, understanding the depths of the stereo field, how to precisely place certain frequencies or sounds where I want in there, how to accurately view the stereo field, what brief kind of settings or outcomes I should be looking for when processing sounds, when I should be compressing something instead of just compressing it regardless, how to know when I need to take action on certain instruments within the mix and not just through listening but actually visually seeing what I need to change, making it loud and wide etc etc... I want to learn it all (which I know is a long shot) and my intention is to get similar sounding tracks to these few below, hard clear hitting drums, instruments positioned so they merge well, wide sounds etc. I guess all I'm asking for is someone to hopefully point me in the right direction in order to learn all that I need to make my tracks sound similar to the songs below. I'd really really appreciate any help you can offer, thanks guys!

    - Below I also attached a beat I was working on to try and see if I could get a similar sound and even with the track sounding how it is there wouldn't be any space for vocals or anything else really, I'd be grateful for some opinions and so -

    Also a few extra questions, if drums are normally kept mono and are moved into the stereo field, surely they would then become stereo right? And also do phaser plugins make instruments stereo as I've messed around with adding a phaser to kicks before (which I'm almost certain isn't the done thing) and it actually gave the kick a much more wider sound making it hit harder I suppose but even doing so I'm not able to visually see where it sits in the stereo field, only by hearing out for it. I don't really know aha, I've got a lot on my mind around this and it's difficult to find specific answers to specific questions.
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