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Thread: OVERDRIVE - Music Video (Will Return Feedback!)

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    OVERDRIVE - Music Video (Will Return Feedback!)

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    Hey guys, I only just finished recording for this video last week but here we go. I know there are some certain issues that have been pointed out (see below) but I have no way of correcting them now. Hopefully this will provide you with entertainment. If you wish to return me feedback then please do so by posting below but remember to give feedback for my video too.

    Known Criticisms

    • The concert scenes get a bit repetitive (I knew this before I processed but I had no extra footage to make anything new for the second drop)
    • More close-ups to the face to engage the audience
    • The guitar on the video is out of sync to the music - however, we never planned to have it in sync, it was just to be used as visual aid.
    • The guitar doesn't match the electronic style of music - It was just a bit of fun and continued the story arc. Not everything you see on the internet is realistic.
    Here's the video, I do hope you enjoy it!

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    Cool video. (1800hits)

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    nice video
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