I just put together a blog on my website www.melodicthundabeats.com about the soundclick VIP page. I figured I would post it on FP for everyone to check out and hopefully learn something. If you think I missed anything let me know and I will add it.

Soundclick can be a valuable resource for any producer trying to get their beats in front of Artists. One feature that Soundclick offers is the VIP page. Soundclick offers a free service for artists, bands, and fans but also offers the VIP page. The VIP page is a paid service for $9.95 a month that offers numerous benefits when compared to the free page. The VIP page includes the following:

Custom Site design
Free of advertisements
Higher sound quality uploads
Discount on promotions
Soundclick player widgets
Mailing list
Real time statistics

Being able to customize your site is huge. This allows you to have your own identity on Soundclick and customize your page to your customers needs. Without all the advertisements on your page you also donít have to worry about your customers being distracted from what your page has to offer. You have complete control over the way your site looks. With the VIP account you also have the ability to upload higher quality beats and songs. Having the highest quality versions of your songs is important when potential buyers are listening. Artists can get a good feel of what the finished product might sound like . Sometimes sound quality can make or break a deal.

With the VIP page you receive a lot of promotional benefits. One of the best benefits is the widget for the Soundclick player. This allows you to post your player on non Soundclick sites and still receive plays that benefit your chart position. If you have your own website, blog, myspace, or any other website you can paste the widget code and get plays from those sites. In addition to the widget you have the option of adding a mailing list. This allows you to inform customers of new beats, releases, sales, etc. Soundclick also offers paid promotions, such as front page spotlight, promo song of the day, MP3 player, and banner ads. When you have the VIP page all of these promotions are offered at a discounted price. Paid promotions can have a huge impact in chart positions. Last but not least you have the real time statistics. This allows you to analyze song plays, page views, downloads, etc. This helps you determine which promotions and promotion strategies have the biggest benefit. It also helps you determine which songs are most popular on your page. Knowing all this information allows you to come up with a good marketing and promotion strategy. I would recommend the Soundclick VIP page to any producer who wants to be successful selling beat leases and exclusives. Make yourself stand out and use all the good features that are included in the VIP account.

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