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Thread: New producer need some help.

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    New producer need some help.

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    I just started making house music and still learning how to break songs down and train my ears.
    I am having a hard time finding the sampled sounds and audio effects used from this track
    and if anyone could point me in the right direction that would really help.
    Sounds like the piano is a processed m1? As far as
    the beginning of the track there is definitely some processing going on in the hi hats and claps
    but i'm stuck on finding what those other filler sounds are.

    Anyways thanks,

    I cannot post links yet and the mp3 attatchment is too big but the song im referring to is (Nina-Playettes)

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    I would suggest you consider trying out Splice Sounds. It does cost money, but it allows you to search pretty much every sample known to man before you download, so you can be sure you will find the samples you're looking for. As for the drums used in the beginning of that song you mentioned, the snare that is panned hard left has some bit crushing on it (Redux if you're using Ableton) There isn't much processing on the hats and tambourines besides definitely an EQ to cut out all lows, and maybe a VERY small bump in the highs to give them some clarity. Be careful when boosting the highs, as our ears are extremely sensitive around 5KHz and can make sounds come across as harsh if there is too much activity around this area. Keep it simple. Put the open hats on the offbeat, Kick on 1 and 2 and snare on 3 and 4, then mix some tambourine hits as 8th notes. Then play around with different percussion hits in different areas to give it some variety. Again, keep it simple. Also for these types of beats there is swing involved, so consider looking into that on YouTube, it can really bring your grooves to life.

    Hope this helps!
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