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    New Guy

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    Hello, I'm iteration!

    I like to make boom bap, trap, and alternative rock! I've been producing for a few months now, and really have been looking for a community to discuss many techniques and to be able to put in my own 2 cents too! I play piano, violin, and guitar. (bass,electric,acoustic) I started off making weird stuff in LMMS because I was to poor to afford FL, but eventually got back on my feet and moved to FL, since I researched and saw LMMS workflow can be compared to FL in a way rather than moving to logic which many of my friends already had. Although, I'd like to learn more about different DAWs! I have Ableton but haven't fiddled with it because I'm to lazy to look up how to do things . Oh, unrelated to producing but, I'm also a programmer and have some Java, C#, Python, and C++ knowledge.

    Overall, I hope to bring a positive vibe to the community! Thanks for reading!

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    welcome! Thats cool, i do a little coding too with perl, html, and javascript but only for my website. welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome and what's the meaning of your FP name? Also if you play instruments do not stop as when the digital stuff gets malfunctional, the power always comes from your energy when playing an acoustic instrument.
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