Hello. i'm new here, and i am a 19 year old music producer... i make beats in my beadroom. this is a hobby but someday i'd like to get paid off it. i mean, i've had a youtube account for years and i'm still at 0.00 estimated earnings. anyway,i post my beats on youtube, and yes, i do monetize them, cos, if 1 of my beats gets big and i don't monetize it, i don't get the dough, also, i'm trying to convince myself it's a viable money making option, but, of course, it's not all about the money, i spit on my beats sometims too any my friends think my beats are good. i'll let you be the judge of if you think the same.

also if this is in the wrong section, please, move the thread and sorry for inconviening you.

also, my youtube name is 'nearmusicbeats' as is my instagram name and reddit name.