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Thread: I want to make trance music...

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    Unhappy I want to make trance music...

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    I know this is extremely generic, but I have looked, and it seems everyone knows more than me, so this is where I am...

    I want to make techno/trance, and I'm extremely confused (total n00b). If anyone could even begin to answer these questions I would be greatly appreciated, as nobody I know makes music and Oklahoma is in the backwater of the USA, it would be my first drop of knowledge...

    1) How do I get started making trance music?

    2) Do I have to learn any music theory? (Be honest)

    and finally..

    3) How do I eventually get to the quality that I hear from artists such as Paul Van Dyke, BT, Push and others? What am I facing here? Do I have to go record at a label?

    Any answers will suffice...The frustration of coming up with songs but not being able to produce them is driving me insane.:confused:
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    if u wanna make dance, trance techno stuff, you can do it all on your PC for very little money - that's the good news you can also buy hardware synths & samplers etc if u prefer... always a good idea if you want to play live rather than be a bedroom producer.

    just help out with some more info...

    how much cash have you got to spend on starting up something you can make tunes on.. rough ballpark figure?


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    and a good news also: u don't have to know music theory at 100%, that may help u of course but connot prevent u from making trance. U have to know basic things about rythms & notes and especially have a musical ear.
    To reach that quality u hear in pro cds, u'll need a good recording equipment or a good soundcard if u work only with software and of course a good experience

    You can start by trying some software like:
    - Fruity Loops Studio
    - Orion
    - Propellerheads Reason
    - Abelton Live

    The most used of these softs are Reason and Fruity. Try them out, read tutorials and ask questions!! Reason looks like a real studio, so you can start with it if u plan to move to hardware later! u can even plug and unplug cables in it just like in a real studio rack!

    Another alternative is to use a professional sequencer like Cubase SX ro Sonar or Logic Audio and use virtual synthesizers and samplers based on a technology called VST (Virtual Studio Technology). VST instruments are plugins you buy and install and work in these host applications. You can then use a similar process to create tracks as with real hardware, since thse VSTi behave like real ones.

    Feel free to ask questions!!
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    welcome to fp I_watch_stars

    I think the above 2 posts say what you need to know

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    Hi I_watch_stars, welcome to FP !!
    I feel MOOG'ed today...

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    Welcome to FP matey!

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    hi I_watch_stars - you came to the right place if you're looking for answers.

    my suggestion would be to download the demo versions of a few programs like fruity loops or reason, and then start asking some more specific questions. dont worry yet about making that professional sound - start slowly and get yourself acquainted with some of the basic principles of music production.

    like i said, ask questions here. everyone is always happy to help!

    peace from the southeast!

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    Hi dude. Welcome.

    All of the above advice is bang on but I would suggest that you be prepared for:

    A) A steep learning curve (the gradient of which can be levelled out a little for you by the guys here on FP). There are so many different aspects to take into consideration with the production of electronic music. Not just equipment issues (on which there are many opinions) but track structuring, mixing the track down, mastering the track to try to get that professional sounding final piece the list is quite literally endless)

    B) Becoming a slave to will lose years of your life but with practise, it is totally worth it to hear what you can do with a little knowledge and even basic equipment.

    Good Luck...oh...and be prepared to adopt the producers' motto - 'Nothing is ever finished...!!'.

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