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Thread: I need help (lofi boombap/hip hop)

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    Question I need help (lofi boombap/hip hop)

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    ive been into lo fi hip hop for a while and lately ive been trying to learn it but theres no tutorials anywhere and when there is its just edm
    i use ableton & mpd32, novation impulse 25, and a mschine mikro (without the program) and im wondering if any of you could help me figure it out

    recommend drum kits, send links to tutorials, what i can use on ableton, etc.
    also some samples to use would be cool

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    I'm assuming your looking how to get that warm boombap sound with a good swing. I can't post any links but what helped me is definitely getting some new drums (there's a sub on Reddit with links to drums IIRC in time you'll have a nice collection), or chop some loops.
    Learning more about adding compression and EQing drums with different VSTs, layering them to the drums you have now. Practice on some well-known samples if you're still learning how to chop, even remake some beats to practice.
    Watch some producers on YT (Jaisu, DiscoDave, Memorecks to name some).

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    Quote Originally Posted by suiqe View Post
    i use ableton & mpd32, novation impulse 25, and a mschine mikro (without the program)
    Interested in how you use the Mikro without the Maschine software?
    With the Maschine software - you'd have pretty much everything you'd need for a lo-fi sound...
    I'm all about that boombap.

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    so glad u came on here with this. i love lofi and i always have. theres many different ways, some of the most effective being a bitcrusher to literally lower the quality of the sample, using high cut shelves on an EQ to give it less of crisp sound, using overcompression tactfully and adding slight distortion. try putting vinyl fuzz samples underneath all your beats, that can add more of a lofi feel as well. i'd be glad to answer any questions you have if u wanna scroll thru my beats, i use a bitcrusher and smart overcompression on pretty much everything cause i love the dirt and the grit. even this beat :

    although, with that one it is more slight. if u wanna scroll thru my beats and see if any of them have the sound youre looking for i would be more than happy to tell u what effects i applied to get that certain sound. love to ya homie and best of luck.
    Peace & Love. Check the YouTube and SoundCloud for more beats. I will follow/subscribe back, let's collaborate.

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