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Thread: Hi from me!

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    Hi from me!

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    Hi guys, this is my first time using any kind of forum, not only for music, but for anything
    I always though of forums like the place where you have to wait 10 days for someone to respond and help you.., and I think I was a little bit wrong
    So far I see new guys posting and asking questions and getting responds and answers pretty quick, so I will give it a try

    My name is Alen, I'm 19 y old producer (still only producer) from Croatia
    I just released my first song today and on Christmas I will release my EP containing 7 songs!
    From 2018 I will also start with live shows as a DJ..
    I'm looking forward to see what destiny has for me

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    looking forward to hearing your EP on Christmas. It's good to set a date so you can stay busy working on the project.

    and ya, I hear you. Forums seemed to go into the background while facebook attempted to take over online conversion. but I think now people are kind of tired of the pointless chit chat on facebook and are getting re-focused in forums.

    but anyway, welcome! and good luck with your shows!
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