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Thread: Help? Mpc2000, Mbox 1, Pro Tools, Fl Studio???

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    Help? Mpc2000, Mbox 1, Pro Tools, Fl Studio???

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    Hey whats up guys i know this has been asked before but when i search most of it comes up for mbox 2. I have the Digidesign Mbox 1, Pro Tools 7.4, MPC2000 with cd rom and HDD, and FL Studio. I know in order for me to run it into fl studio midi i would have to buy a USB to midi (like the one connected to my keyboard)....

    but if i wanna hook to the mpc up to the mbox so i can hear the sounds from the mpc out my speakers what do i do? My mbox is ran USB into my PC. And i have my speakers running directly into the mbox. The keyboard is USB midi.

    so once again i wanna be able to play my fl studio sounds using my mpc so i can do my drums in fl studio with the mpc and my melodys with my keyboard. But i also wanna hear the mpc itself out of my speakers so i can try to learn the mpc itself also.

    i just got the mpc yesterday and damn am i lost with the interface lol

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    is the MPC plugged into the MBox?

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