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Thread: Great Big Things - introduction

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    Great Big Things - introduction

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    Hey everyone

    When I started on this journey into music and production I had no clue what to expect. I knew only the basics of production and recording. I can say that with a lot of help and online resources (especially you guys on future producers) it's been a lot of fun to learn new techniques and I'm really happy with the quality level I'm able to achieve nowadays. I thought I'd make a post summing up all the various projects I worked on this year. You can find a list of my tracks on soundcloud:

    Little Lights:
    This track had some great feedback so I decided to push it further with a completely CGI music video I rendered in a computer game engine (Cryteks CryENGINE, famous for the game Far Cry and Crysis).
    Hopefully i'll be able to do more CG music videos in the future and more complex ones too.

    Dubstep Collaboration:
    I decided to collaborate with an extremely talented producer from the netherlands Han, check out his channel here (├┤an | Free Listening on SoundCloud) for some really sweet EDM tracks.

    I really loved our output, and I'm hopefully going to collab again in the future.

    Tropical Collaboration

    This was more of tropical track, again working with a producer, Foxa who created the instrumental while I took on vocals and songwriting. Check out foxas soundcloud here: Foxa | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    Experimenting with orchestral sounds

    I also love to write orchestral pieces, you can find a few on my soundcloud.

    My musical process is more like growing a garden than sitting down and logically laying out pieces. Melodies come to mind and they are either used or thrown aside. I barely remember writing and producing songs/tracks. Who else feels like they're maybe losing their mind making music? Are we all just crazy?

    At this point I just feel like throwing a million ideas out into the void and seeing what sticks. I'd be interested to here what you guys think about it.


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    Those are all awesome! I checked them out and some of your other songs on soundcloud. Very cool. You seem to be getting good interaction with supporters and fans. Keep it up. ^.^
    Soundcloud: Epsilon-144

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