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Thread: Creative Block with Melodies

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    Creative Block with Melodies

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    Been having some real creative block when it comes to making melodies. Once I got the melody I have tons of ideas but can't get past the melody lately....

    Was wondering if anyone had any good ideas to jump start creativity with melodies?

    Also, please don't say take a step back or stop doing music for awhile. I've made some of my best music ever when I force it. And I don't have the luxury of not making music for awhile...

    Looking for some good concrete ideas! Any help is really appreciated. Thanks

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    If you're working in FL Studio you can change the root note of your virtual instrument from C to another note, when you play a melody afterwards you might hit chords or notes that you normally wouldn't think of playing

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    I find it very helpful knowing a bit of theory when writing melodies.
    - Put a note from the current chord on the starts and ends of each phrase, plus on the strong beats if you are playing a note then.
    - If you make a big jump in intervals, go in the other direction afterwards
    - have only one high point- don't play the highest note more than once

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    Don't force anything and when you say you don't have the luxury, are you a pro musician and if so, are you signed or unsigned, major or indie?
    “If you are a poet or a musician, if you develop, you are not going to operate out of the same content and style for more than ten years!" Bernice Johnson Reagon

    "If you are over 30 years old you shouldn’t be making your music for young kids, that really doesn’t resonate with me." Lord Finesse

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