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Thread: Creative Block with Melodies

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    Creative Block with Melodies

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    Been having some real creative block when it comes to making melodies. Once I got the melody I have tons of ideas but can't get past the melody lately....

    Was wondering if anyone had any good ideas to jump start creativity with melodies?

    Also, please don't say take a step back or stop doing music for awhile. I've made some of my best music ever when I force it. And I don't have the luxury of not making music for awhile...

    Looking for some good concrete ideas! Any help is really appreciated. Thanks

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    If you're working in FL Studio you can change the root note of your virtual instrument from C to another note, when you play a melody afterwards you might hit chords or notes that you normally wouldn't think of playing

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    I find it very helpful knowing a bit of theory when writing melodies.
    - Put a note from the current chord on the starts and ends of each phrase, plus on the strong beats if you are playing a note then.
    - If you make a big jump in intervals, go in the other direction afterwards
    - have only one high point- don't play the highest note more than once

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    Don't force anything and when you say you don't have the luxury, are you a pro musician and if so, are you signed or unsigned, major or indie?
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