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Thread: Looking for a DJ to do a few simple mixes for me for a few $.. This is 4 my wedding!!

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    Looking for a DJ to do a few simple mixes for me for a few $.. This is 4 my wedding!!

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    So I am getting married on Sept 3rd and looking for a DJ/producer to provide the middle aged, boring, wedding DJ we've hired with some pre-mixed fun tracks to play during the reception. I want to do this because I'm a big music buff and used to produce and DJ myself, so I refuse to have boring, generic wedding music the whole night, but the problem is that I don't trust the DJ to attempt any even semi-complicated mixes on the fly, so I'd like to provide him with some pre-mixed tracks to play.

    Here's a simple example...

    The song my mom and I are going to dance to is "In My Life" by the Beatles, but to add some flavor and laughter to the event, I don't want to just play "In my Life" by itself, but rather I'd like 2pacs "Dear Mama" to the beginning before the song starts. So in other words, maybe 10 seconds of Dear Mama, then the whole In My life song. Nothing crazy complicated.


    Please contact me if you are interested in doing this.

    You can email me at RMCooper16 at yahoo d0t com. (it won't let me add a real email address or else it flags it as spam). Or text or call me... 862/220/0753

    I look forward to hearing from someone...

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    Hey really like to but too bad im in malaysia..good luck looking for someone!

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