Good morning DJs!!!!!

TMF R8DIO is currently expanding its on air programming to include an exciting new segment called "Monday Night Mixtapes". The main purpose of this segment is to treat our listeners to a wide variety of good music, and at the same time provide DJs an opportunity to expose themselves to future fans.
We are looking to launch the segment on Monday March 27, 2012.

With that being said we are looking for DJs to submit pre-recorded segments to air on MNM.
1. Segments should be 60 minutes in length
2. All genres accepted
3. Ensure that you promote your self (shout out your name, twitter, facebook etc)
4. Ensure that you mention TMF R8DIO - Monday Night Mixtape
5. All recording must be recorded at at least 128kpbs and mp3 format

Interested? Contact me at
Follow me on twitter @DJYaBoyBlakk
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