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Thread: Share ur DJ setup

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    Share ur DJ setup

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    What up , maybe im not the right person to make this thread since i didnt receive my stuff yet .. but anyway.
    About 3 days ago I bought my first Turntable and Mixer ( yeah the right way with vinyl ).

    TT Reloop Rp 7000 - 400$
    Mixer Roland dj 99 - 120$

    Initially i was looking for the technics , but the price is too high right now.. 500$ each
    About the mixer , initially I wanted the dj tech dif-1s but luckily i just found that crazy deal.. that roland normally goes for 199+$ , so i had to take that one.

    "Mixing does not end , It stops."

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    I based my decision based on the software I felt most comfortable with. I like Traktor, so I wound up going with their mixer. Most of it is personal preference.

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    If there's decent gear at a venue I try to use that, otherwise I'll bring my Traktor S2.

    I've recently started a new configuration as a hybrid set, Ableton Live and Traktor running simultaneously (I beatchmatch the softwares manually), using a Traktor S2, Novation Launchpad and Ableton Push 2, with a Digitech Timebender at the end of the chain.

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