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Thread: i have a little confusion about harmonic mixing.

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    i have a little confusion about harmonic mixing.

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    Hi everyone. i am just starting out as a DJ and i have been practising harmonic Mixing a bit. i have even learnt about energy boosting that if i add 2 or 7 to the current camelot key number it changes energy of the song harmonically but i have been also adding up 3 to my current key like as an example 8A to 11 A transition. and it gives a very cool sounding transition all the time. is this a wrong way to do it or should i just continue to mix like this even if its not following the rules?

    any suggestions from you would be helpful!

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    Modulation Mixes

    If you blend melodies in incompatible keys, such as 8A to 11A, the mix will probably be out of key. If you merely overlay percussion and melodic material, then there should be no conflict.

    "Energy boost" mixes normally use incoming percussion overlays on outgoing melody, with special care to avoid blending melodies. They normally involve a "half-step" modulation (seven keycodes), like from an A-Minor (8A) to B-Flat Minor (3A). Another choice is a "full-step" modulation (two keycodes), like from an A-Minor (8A) to a B-Minor (10A).

    These provide energy boosts by raising the tonal center a half-step or a full-step. Other non-harmonic combinations have little tonal relationship between outgoing and incoming tracks.

    Hope this helps!

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