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Thread: Whats the reality lifestyle of the music producer?

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    Whats the reality lifestyle of the music producer?

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    I always wanted to know how are people are living day to day with this music grind. I wonder if I ever get bigger, I always picture myself having travel all the time for business meetings, tours, etc. Sometimes I might have to worry if I still even have a job. Might have to stop full time for a part time job if anything could happen. Will I have a place to stay? I don't know.But Right now I am challenging myself to stay up for 48 hours nonstop Saturday and Sunday to do every music tasks that I need to accomplish. I work full time and on the weekends I am starting to get busy like seriously no sleep. But anyways What is reality really like for a music producer, What is your story?
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    I work in the studio from 8 to 6pm. 7 days a week. No days off. Work approx 340 days out of the year and making over a 6 figure income, while doing what I love.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrWonderful View Post
    I work in the studio from 8 to 6pm. 7 days a week. No days off. Work approx 340 days out of the year and making over a 6 figure income, while doing what I love.
    audio engineer????????????????

    -Coach Antonio

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    Model chick...........future producers............same thing. Just because you got a nice booty......don't mean you the next Tyra Bank. But you can have a career that you love and still have plaques and some good money coming in.

    So it all depends. Me.....right now I make about $2k to $4k from producing, beats, studio set up...ect. But I work a job where I'm filthy. Now.....if I made $50k a year form the music buisness....I wouldn't have time to work a job being filthy..because I dedicated enough time to generate $50k. But I still need a job.....because all of that shit could end. And 4 years of making $50k is only $200. A condo paid for.... nice normal person brand new car....bills, insurance, ect. That's only $50k a year. I would definitely need a great team of people if I was to not work. Or....a nice pub deal to jump start my life outside of when things slow down, I still make what I was getting and more.

    It's a lot of people with multiple plaques from years ago that you never heard of. Got that big placement three or four times.......but that money got to keep coming from somewhere.

    The problem....people only look at these media infested producers and get their hopes up. Plan their whole life based on how they living. When you see the reality of'll see placements as "cool" instead of "oh boy....your rich now".

    Want a check? It's plenty of lesser named DJs in the US who will spin your shit (for some money). A lot of you may be missing those few pennies because you gave away a beat for $20 and don't know what they person doing. You can add those pennies up per head. Get to know some of these serious DJs. Every DJ on Datpiff is not some ole bumm ass's some serious spinners doing their thing as matter how terrible the mixtape and graphics sound.

    Anyway....they most likely live normal lives. I used to do pest control and treated a bunch a mansions.......too bad I never met any music producers.
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    sun up to sundown. well for real producers. no social life. business. business. business.

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    I wake up at 2pm, have sex, smoke a blunt, call my accountant, take a shower, go buy an outfit, hit the gym, then hit the studio. Just kidding, I'm a working man with a child trying to attain that six figure income just like everyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 901_Rice_Street View Post
    That's only $50k a year.
    If you can't live on $50k a year, you got spending problems haha, are you supporting 3 kids and a wife or living in Manhattan?
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    You might want to read some Dr Dre interviews, he's a great source of inspiration and can give you some insight into the sort of lifestyle that can lead to success and maintain it.

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