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Thread: So let's be real for a moment here. Are you in it for the money or for the music?

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    lol i wanna make good money too but thats not where my focus is. I was just pointing out that I make music regardless of how much money it brings me and I dont get upset when it's not bringing in money. Im about one year in, and made somewhere around $300.

    Like I said my main goal is to help others, and you need a lot of resources to do that money being on of them. When I get a decent amount of money saved, then come up quite a few thousand off booking a successful show believe me that's something I wanna do. Then I'll have more money to help other people and I essentially will have helped them through music.

    As for those in it for the money and the money only, I dont see you making it too far. Thats just my opinion. If you do more power to you. But it's a shame when people put out soulless music just trying to get some money. Like I said it shows.
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    right now just for the craft, but if an opportunity arises why not make some extra $$?

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    Honestly, I think most producers would say both... We love what we do, but we want to be paid accordingly...
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    To be completely honest, income will always be a goal in this industry. However, I can NOT put it before the fact that I want to make good music. With that being said, the money could be seen as an "unexpected reward" or a "bonus" if you like. As corny orcliché as it may sound, we're all really trying to succeed in the sense that we earn the respect that is due for our work ethic and talents. You might not even know it yet. On the other hand, if you're 100 per cent sure that money is purely your motivation, and your passion for music doesn't exist, then I think that you won't even make it half as far as the musician/artist/producer whose passion does exist. You could also look at it this way: The respect you earn may evolve into fame which will then eventually lead to money. We all want to make a living out of doing what we love.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theonlybman View Post
    HAHA there's no money is music, if you want money become a realtor.

    The real question is: are you in it for the women or the music?
    There's still money in music, you just may not be smart/saavy/skilled enough to know how to get it.

    As for your question, I practice/study jazz guitar 2 hours a day--take that for what you will. If I wanted ******* just for the sake of it, i'd do this:

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    I listen to music because I love it.

    I make music to make money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottzilla View Post
    everyone wanna make a living from it
    this..any real creative artist is going to tell you they want to be able to live off what they love doing

    It just doesn't any simpler than that. If you do what you love, then it's not a job

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Youngsta View Post
    The money. I'll leave the "do this for the love of music" for the nerds.
    I'm a proud nerd.
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    Money is for poor people.
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    i just love sound...
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