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Thread: Remember Blind Furry from SC? freestyle friday champ?

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    Remember Blind Furry from SC? freestyle friday champ?

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    Yea I remeber hearing he from right here in SC, I was kinda glad Tech put him on this track. Its called So Lonley, and its nothing but real shit, yall remeber blind furry right?

    here is the song im talking about, just wanted to see what you guys thought about it.. I think irts good as shit and wondering what that dude been up too?????????????

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    Its a cool track, not great but respectable. I was expecting a little more from Fury's verse from what I remember (I guess its the battle rapper curse).

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    Dude is ill. Shame his buzz died though. There were 2 chicks on in the same competition on 106 & Park who were both dope as well. One looked like Missy Elliott, and the other had like a blonde weave. She was tiny as well.
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