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Thread: Which producers have inspired you recently?

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    J. Cole's beats are pretty good

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    Mike Will and Hit Boy hands downnn

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    None really. Would say I'm more inspired by soulful music that people love to sample. I'm back on that as far as my own personal stuff. Nothing new out. It's more of a props thing than inspirational with me. Like Young Chop for example....I'm not inspired by him...I'm proud of him and he is also an example of the point I made about teaming up with people. Without the song Young Chop would be just another beat maker. So I give props for that.

    I do however get inspred everytime I hear Flying Lotus music. Some of it I love...majority of it I find interesting and it inspires me to go way outside of the box. I love being outside of the box. Saw a bass guitar today at a pawn shop and had to tell myself to wait and get new one that nobody owned before...but I'm tempted to get a bass and a electric guitar for the price of a new bass. Didn't even play with it because I know if I did then I would buy it for the price. lol! But it looked used.......forget it...might go get it now.............nah..........well...........nah.........I'll wait and get a gang of instruments next month. Had trumpets and a sax. The sax was all beat up...if I get a sax...I'm getting a shiny unscratched new one. Had a violin. Go in there with $500 and get them all. Forget Komplete.

    Live electronic music performers also inspire me. I got plans to step into that side of things. Couple of tricks up my sleeve to reherse with in the future. But first I'm trying to learn all of the instruments I try to pretend to make sound real with vsts.

    On my list too. Time to have fun.
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    Young Chop, Jahlil Beats, Hit-Boy & always J Dilla.

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    Right now Pete Rock, J Dilla, and 9th...

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    Some of ya'll are trippin.

    Ryan Leslie is beyond wack. He comes up with a simple chord progression and plays it on like six different instruments and labels it a song. ANd he is so full of himself. IF you've ever seen his production videos he's a certified douchebag even though dude makes like 0 hits.

    BUt J cole though. His production is style is quite reminiscent to 9th Wonder. And 9th is my nigguh

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    This cat Eric G got some heat. Just got hip to him, and rapsody kinda killin it:

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    Harry Fraud, Mike WiLL, Hit-Boy, and Ski (even tho he's not a new producer)

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    Markham, Ontario, Ca

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